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US Property Buyers Flock To France

You could sense something was up very early this summer.

With travel being open again after the Covid19 restrictions, many of us in the Cote d’Azur expected it to be a busy summer and it certainly has been indeed.

As usual in the region’s summer months, it is quite common for a visitor to fall in love with the natural surroundings, quaint villages, majestic blue Mediterranean sea, panoramic views, and the overall culture of France.

What was pleasantly unexpected was that the US dollar would be practically at parity with the Euro.

Already observing a dramatic increase in those visiting from the US and also Canada, what has transpired has been incredible.

Europe is simply looking like a viable option now for those considering an actual move to or purchasing a secondary holiday home here.

With property prices in many major cities in the US on the rise, it appears to be making sense to invest here in France and possibly get more property for their money, and in terms of lifestyle alone.

Typically, pre-Covid19, people on vacation here would be looking at properties, as more of a consideration with serious buyers coming back once September arrives, to look more closely at their options and where exactly they would want to be after many of the tourists have left and things feel a bit calmer.

That’s certainly not the case now because of the currency parity as agents are having a hard time keeping up with demand and deciding to prioritize those already here on the ground who are seriously looking to start the process of buying before heading back home.

Property stock has been moving fast since the restrictions first started to lift in May of 2021, but this summer has been unprecedented, thanks to the Americans taking advantage of the US dollar being at par with the euro.

Smart buyers are also seeking out rental property investments with Cannes being one of the prime locations because of the year-round festivals and congresses year round, with Nice, Villefranche-sur-Mer, and Saint Jean Cap Ferrat also leading the way.

As we have been business partners with many of the prime real estate agencies in the area for the past 11 years and have many exclusive, off-market property options, please feel free to connect with us to find your next property investment.

Now is certainly the time! Connect with us at:


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