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Native Spaces

With some of the most beautiful, natural vistas from the most remarkable, lush countryside locations in France down to the varied landscapes and beaches next to the glorious shades of the warm, blue Mediterranean Sea. It’s no wonder that the Cote d’Azur is such an international travel destination known around the world for everyone to come experience for themselves.

To add to this most enticing way of life by offering prime property event rental locations in all of France is Native Spaces.

Seeing a direct link missing in the regional market for corporations, event planners, and individuals who are seeking a place to hold a pop-up event, wedding, photoshoot, and filming, along with offsite team building locations, or even just a special place to hold a private dinner

party and reception,

Native Spaces stepped up to the plate and has meticulously created a secure platform of verified properties specially tailored that could cover if not one but all aspects of any such rental request whether on land or even by yacht.


Native Spaces is the one-stop company in France with a solid reputation geared towards almost anything your lifestyle requires and is considerate of all aspects of what your request might entail, with an extensive list of property selections available in a myriad of architectural designs and surroundings to suit your ideas and needs.

The concept is very straightforward, no matter what kind of property event space you are looking for, Native Spaces has an array of choices available in which to book directly and confidently at your fingertips.

One of the ways to help you make your choice is to simply head to the filters section where you can add your specific keywords to help narrow down the search quickly by choosing the type of property and amenities you are seeking. There is also an online map indicating the general area of where a property is situated to help you pinpoint what location will work best according to your requirements.

Also, if you own a villa or establishment in France and are interested in how to convert your property into more of an investment, the process is easy, just register and start your listing through the website or contact the representatives of Native Spaces for more information.

We at Experience The French Riviera, are most proud to be partners with the very proactive and exclusive company, Native Spaces.

Connect with us for a direct introduction to Native Spaces.

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