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A Message For 2023

Privacy is the new luxury.

We’ve been quoting as much for years.

Yes, we may showcase the most beautiful villas for sale or rent in the Côte d’Azur, but one of the reasons why our clients have kept returning to us for almost 12 years now (and have graciously been referring their friends and family to us), is because we believe, your privacy is one of the last precious things an individual can still have in a world filled with social media.

Your choices in how you wish your holiday villa rental or property purchase to be are completely respected and always kept confidential.

One thing you will never hear of us doing is celebrity name-dropping or spilling clientele secrets.

We realize that this eye-rolling tactic can almost be a way of life here on the French Riviera but as locals, we see and hear enough of that, and know what usually comes of it…nothing.

And truly, by being like everyone else, you get the same results. That’s not us, and it’s not what you should expect either.

Frankly, we don’t have to go to that level on the backs of our clients, we are more confident than that, and consider that alone to be an achievement in the property industry and are proud of it.

So in 2023, if there is a specific type of vacation villa or chalet rental you are seeking or are perhaps looking for a property investment in France, then feel free to connect with us, in confidence, at Experience The French Riviera: Info@experiencethefrenchriviera

Merci !


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