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Villa Rental Tips & Advice

With the height of summer season upon us we, thought we would provide a helpful hints advice guide for those about to rent their first villa in the beautiful French Riviera.

In our line of work we are used to last minute requests for accommodations this time of year and feel fortunate of having an ever expanding portfolio of luxury properties on hand, not only direct to owner, but also through our partnerships in the locally trusted shared economy network for your benefit.

As each year passes we have also experienced, we think in part due to the increase of the 'influencer online lifestyle' perceived in the world of social media...a number of sometimes unrealistic requests. But we also just consider that to be part of the work efforts with people who are just inspired and what to live their life as complete as possible.

One such request that tends to happen as an example is for an inquiry to rent a villa with 8-10 bedrooms including all the bells and whistles, fully staffed, at a beach but with a budget that is nowhere near to matching realistic expectations.

Or we will sometimes be told from the start there is no budget range for the property rental. Honestly, with over 8 years of experience in this type of industry...every client or business has a budget they wish to stay within.

Plus we wouldn't be able to sleep at night by taking advantage of a client by just pushing a very expensive property rental on them and then adding on all kinds of extras including administrative costs (which we never charge for) along with the highest commissions possible in this way.

We never think of a client as a one-time deal, we want to build a long term relationship with clients to provide the best service possible for the future.

In fact, more often enough than not, we tend to negotiate on price and services on behalf of the client.

The following is a roundabout list of questions to ask yourself and those you intend on traveling with to help you get the best options and the most value on a luxury villa rental: - What is the purpose of this villa rental? To relax and recharge? As a retreat? Holiday? Event? What type of event and how many expected guests? Group travel? Business trip? - What is my budget range? Stay within your comfort zone.

A range helps us to quickly narrow down a villa search for you and also get you the most out of a property as possible.

- Where do I want to be?

Near a beach? Close to a city or town? Surrounded by nature and not near neighboring properties?

- How many guests will there be in total (including myself)?

Any children coming on the trip? Will they have requirements?

Children are a big consideration for us with their health and safety. ie. stairs, pool area

- How many bedrooms will we require?

If this is a friends/family or business trip?

Are my guests open to sharing bedrooms? Keep in mind, the more bedrooms, usually the higher cost of the property rental.

- What kind of property do I want that will suit my lifestyle or even take me out of my comfort zone to add to the experience? - Do I want a modern property or something more regional and classic architecturally?

- Will my travel insurance cover this stay?

- What will the deposit be? When is the deposit returned? - Is there a final cleaning fee?

- What is the best way to pay for the rental?

- Is there additional services included in my stay and if so, what are they? - Will there be an extra cost for any other additional services not included in my stay…such as private car service, security? - How close will I be to an airport?

- Will I need to have my own transportation? - Will the villa be stocked with food and drinks? If not, what are the costs involved?

- How soon do I have to book so that I know the property will be my reservation?

Overall, we will provide you with many villa rental options. The more questions you have ahead of time, the better as it helps fine tune exactly what you require. Keep in mind, the further you book ahead, the higher the number of villa choices available and price range. The closer it gets to the height of the season, or a last minute request can mean the less choice available due to property stock being booked and sometimes the owner will raise the price due to demand. But, we pride ourselves on negotiating with owners so let us do our best for you in that regard. We want you to have the exact property you have in mind for your stay, so with any villa option, time is of the essence in order not to lose out on a rental. We understand people are shopping around. If you decide to change your mind and not go with a certain villa rental or option, we appreciate the courtesy of just letting us know so that we can all save time.

Let’s plan the best luxury villa rental ever so you have the most memorable experience!

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