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Travel Transformed

Experience The French Riviera started almost eight years ago, and one of the key intentions during the setup of our business was to introduce those we had already been working with on various projects to be a part of our base in a business partnership. This came from witnessing a downturn in the overall economy years before and the struggling affects it had on many large and small businesses. We don’t look at a business similar to ours as competition; in fact, we invite them to the field for us all to be more sustainable. We look at them as a possible partner, as a company with hopefully the same intentions and respect to the clients we all serve. We believe when work is shared it provides a better value and feeling for a client as part of their itinerary in whatever they require for their visit to the beautiful French Riviera in France.

The shared economy is one of the fastest growing business trends in history. It’s derived from the notion that mutual parties can share value from an under-utilized skill or asset. For example, if the stock in our portfolio for a luxury villa rental in a certain location of the region is low at a busy time, we can go to one of our working partners in that area to expand the supply and offer more choice and mutual service for the best interest of the client. This way we are working on a collaborative platform, or peer-to-peer application. It also helps that when working together, we have previously set rules and guidelines into place through contract without adding extra fees or being commission hungry like we have seen with entities elsewhere.

One of the many aspects of this part of the world that we love is how much people that are located here enjoy meeting other people on most any level. Experience The French Riviera grew out of one or two initial key connections along with a numerous requests from those planning a holiday to the Cote d’Azur. We fully admit the first year or two of running a small business at the time was not easy, but as our own portfolio grew, then naturally, so did those in our network. What we couldn’t provide or did not have the abilities for, we can easily reach out to one of our business partners for help. At this time we have 41 mostly local and international business partners from every profession imaginable, every day we value these long standing relationships and consider them all good friends.

We feel this way we can provide a true lifestyle experience and yet we also don’t just allow anyone into our network. Given the number of pop-up businesses that seem to appear every year at the beginning of high season, any business we work with must have all their legal paperwork including insurance together along with a glowing record that provides trust, honesty, value and respect for everyone.

By working in this manner, we can provide an all-encompassing service to clients no matter where they come from, what they need and no matter how long they stay. To us, its important people have an extraordinary experience off the beaten tourist track, something that will be most memorable for years to come and encourage another visit. Being a part of a shared economy we believe builds a stronger support system for everyone in the future and we are more than happy to make it a part of our business model.

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