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Insurance Matters

When it comes to our client’s well-being in both business and personal matters, we want them to be protected the best way possible.

We are known for having the highest degree of discretion when it comes to private matters, that is why, even with an abundance of insurance options available out there we have welcomed a business partnership with Drouin Assurances based in Monaco.

Privacy is taken seriously when it comes to the Monaco both in and outside the Principality and also personally knowing the strong dedicated work ethic of the Owner, Frederic Drouin and his team for quite some time, we feel very confident in this business relationship.

At Drouin Assurances, all of your needs will be met and every step of the way your requirements will be thoroughly taken care of 100%. With many years of experience in the insurance industry and an underlying privileged network and knowledge of the various systems and organizations set into place in the market, with Drouin Assurances there is more of an efficient manner in which the work gets done that means better service on your behalf.

When it comes to private insurance, there are various options that can be tailor-made available when it comes to personal health, loan insurance, private art collections, travel, life insurance, properties and yacht, etc. Along with business insurance plans for professional liability, health/mutual life insurance, work accidentals, corporation, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact Frederic Drouin and his team at Drouin Assurances for a quote or questions you may have through our Insurance Services link on our website.

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