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Update On The Café de Paris Revitalization in Monte Carlo Monaco

On Friday afternoon, SBM (Société des Bains de Mer) unveiled the exciting, new design plans for the revitalized Café de Paris at an exclusive press conference.

The renovation plans have been approved and the works, which are said to total €40 million, will be completed at the end of June next year.

Architects Alexandre Giraldi and Alain-Charles Perrot are in charge of modernizing the Café de Paris. The aim is to maximize the potential of an iconic building, which honestly was starting to look very dated and not in keeping with the glam potential that Monte-Carlo usually likes to adhere to and showcase.

In the images shown at the press conference, it appears the building will thankfully keep to its Belle Epoque era architectural design, yet offer even more to the people it has already enticed for decades.

With this revitalization, the brasserie of the Café de Paris will be getting two additional floors, including a unique rooftop and a variety of boutiques. The Brasserie will extend onto two floors, with a partially glassed roof that will create a naturally lit ground floor bar.

There will also be an ‘Amazonico’ restaurant, a concept from Madrid that combines tropical and Latin American cuisines. The restaurant, which also has a presence in London and Dubai, will be placed in the Salle Bellevue, which will also be enlarged, and will open onto a large rooftop. With that, there will also be a speakeasy-style bar.

It has been said that there will be an additional 800㎡ dedicated to boutiques which will be accessible from Casino Square to Jardin des Spelugues.

The revealing of this new design shows great respect to the Monte-Carlo Casino Square and once opened, will once again be a much-desired attraction for all to enjoy.

At this time, the Brasserie has moved to the Salle Empire for the duration of the work, while the lemonade terrace has been left undisturbed. The Café de Paris casino and the boutiques will also remain in place, although the SBM boutique has been moved to the Avenue de Monte-Carlo at this time.


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