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Two New Train Lines Between Italy and the South of France

Two forthcoming railway connections between Italy and southern France are currently underway: one linking Milan to Nice via Monaco, and another traversing the Mercantour mountains to Turin. Here are the preliminary details available:

The once-popular Thello train route, connecting southern France to Milan, met an unfortunate demise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, there are plans to revive this service, with Trenitalia showing eagerness to collaborate with France’s SNCF network.

By summer, it is anticipated that daily journeys between Milan and Marseille will resume. While specific stops along the route have yet to be finalized, both Nice and Monaco will probably be included, along with Ventimiglia.

Additionally, a picturesque route from Nice to Turin via Breil-sur-Roya is in development and could commence operations by the summer of 2025. This service aims to emulate the Ferroviaire del Bernina express line, renowned for its panoramic carriages offering breathtaking views of the Alps, running from St. Moritz in Switzerland to Tirano in Northern Italy.

The reopening of the Milan connection and the introduction of the new mountain route are endeavors that Italy, Monaco, and France are eager to support. Recognizing the mutual benefits of cross-border tourism, a meeting was convened in the Ligurian town of Imperia earlier this month to establish an alliance.

"Individually, we may not possess the necessary resources to sustain these rail lines," remarked Christian Estrosi, longstanding Mayor of Nice, during a press briefing. "However, by pooling our resources, we can better finance these projects and adhere to precise timelines."


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