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The Official Poster of the 75th Festival de Cannes 2022

Each day is one step closer to the start of the Cannes Film Festival!

Yesterday, the official poster for the 75th Festival de Cannes was released. After the last couple

of years due to the Covid19 pandemic with tight restrictions in place, this image now projects the

feeling of positivity for the future.

Here, on the French Riviera, one can already sense more optimism in the air and that this

festival will be more open and uplifting.

The festival organizers wanted to project an image of an upward journey to contemplate the

past and move ahead towards the promise of a revival.

Over the decades, the Festival de Cannes has had to take on the world events in stride in

hopes of capturing the imagination and providing some positive light.

Just like in 1939 and 1946, the festival is again asserting its strong conviction that art and

cinema is where contemplation and the renewal of society unravel.

As stated in the rules of the festival, “The purpose of the Festival International du Film, in a spirit

of friendship and universal cooperation, is to reveal and showcase quality films in the interest of

the evolution of the art of cinematography.”

From Tuesday, May 17 to Saturday, May 28, 2022, the Festival de Cannes will be held. Coming to the Cannes Film Festival?! Connect with Experience The French Riviera for anything you may require.


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