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The Monaco Open Air Cinema

If you are seeking a truly wonderful experience in the Principality of Monaco, we suggest spending part of an evening watching a movie under the stars at the Monaco Open Air Cinema.

We first wrote about this place almost a decade ago but it’s definitely worth repeating as upgrades to the cinema over the years have been made, and as of today (June 14th) it opens again to the public for the height of the summer season.

Located next to the architecturally beautiful Oceanography Museum, just a few minutes walk from the Prince’s Palace in Monaco, the Monaco Open Air Cinema is set up outside next to the edge of the Mediterranean Sea and offers a variety of movies both new and vintage throughout the season.

Seating depends on your comfort level and budget as there are standard outdoor chairs and even more lounge-like areas, all are on a first-come, first-serve basis in order to try and be fair for everyone. Refreshments are also available to purchase.

The cinema opens at 8:45 pm and starts getting underway at 9:30 pm with the movie starting at 10:00 pm. A suggestion would be to get to the location early as tickets also cannot be purchased online. This is more of an old-school idea of going to the cinema but also a memorable experience.

Something else that not many people will know about is that the fortress wall behind the screen is also part of the Monaco prison, but there are few windows and it is all located near the top of the fortress wall.

So, if you are looking for something slightly off the beaten tourist track that locals tend to enjoy this time of year, make a night of it at the Monaco Open Air Cinema.


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