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Off Season Travel Benefits

In a non-stop world, trends in the way people travel now have been changing rapidly.

Years ago it seemed as soon as the end of September came, that was it for high season in the French Riviera. Beaches, restaurants and hotels were the first where you could really see how quickly people on holiday can clear out.

Now with internet at our finger tips bringing with that more awareness and a variety of interests in places to visit you don’t see as much of a strong distinction between seasons in the amount of people on vacation in the region anymore.

There is a difference as technically it is low season now, a good percentage of the tourists have gone home and as they say….now the Cote d’Azur goes back to the people. True as that is, the area still feels very much alive and actually it brings in a whole new wave of options available for people who are thinking of coming to discover for themselves this part of France.

The South of France gets on average 300 days of sunshine a year. Back when Queen Victoria used to visit here, that generation believed that the winter sun brought with it medicinal benefits. Not sure how true that is but in terms of mood, people seem to have more energy and you can’t miss all the smiles.

Right now the outdoors are perfect for visiting, it’s still shorts weather, the colors of the region are slightly changing during this Autumn period, the hiking trails are ideal for exploring, there is less traffic and even though it is practically the middle of October, there still are people swimming in the Mediterranean sea.

Major luxury hotels back in the day used to close in the low season and do their yearly maintenance, some still do but demand from client’s means that many are open year round now and still offering great service. Same goes with any number of restaurants with the added touch of using this season’s local produce and wines.

For us, a small segment of our luxury villa rental properties do close for the low season but overall many of them are still available and the benefits all go to you as a guest as the costs to rent per week (or even monthly) do decrease quite substantially in many cases. It’s the ideal time for making villa rental deals and all additional services required stay true.

Any time of the year we always do our best to the most exceptional price from the owners on behalf of our clients. And Autumn/Winter seasons are no different.

The global business community has also seen this as a prime opportunity too as we have been able to provide properties for corporate retreats, writing, wellness and even yoga retreats. It’s also a wonderful time to hold an event or have a wedding.

If you are thinking you would like a break, take in some sun, scenery and mild weather, just need to get away from it all, let us know when and what you are looking for so we can go through our expansive property portfolio in France for you.

This time of year feels special, a change for the good, local businesses are not pulled in every direction so they can dedicate more time to you. Restaurants and shops are offering tremendous deals as well and the vibe overall feels even more filled with that French local spirit.

Feel free to connect with us for your next trip to the beautiful French Riviera!


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