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Monaco Grand Prix Unveils Luxurious Floating Grandstand

Monaco is elevating its offerings for the 2024 Grand Prix by introducing a state-of-the-art floating grandstand, offering affluent spectators unparalleled views of the renowned circuit.

Monaco Ports has recently unveiled the specifics of its latest attraction, the Monaco Ports Lounge, a floating grandstand positioned strategically at Port Hercule. This exclusive spot offers a direct vantage point of the deceleration zone following the tunnel exit and the Chicane.

The grandstand is strictly allocated for guests aboard yachts docking at the Cala del Forte port in Ventimiglia and Port Hercule throughout the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. This adds a touch of luxury service during the pinnacle of F1 racing events worldwide and is a welcomed addition by other events companies.

“Monaco is such an iconic event, not only for Formula 1 but also for the city itself. Any opportunities to diversify and increase viewing opportunities at different price points, and to accommodate different interests, will be great for the event, for guests, and Monaco,” says Julie Hunter, Owner and Operations Director of Ultimate Driving Tours, a company that has been chartering yachts in Port Hercule for the Monaco Grand Prix since 2013.

The Monaco Ports Lounge represents a significant upgrade from typical grandstands. Spanning 600 m2 across three levels, it can accommodate up to 400 guests. VIP attendees will have access to beverages, snacks, and amenities such as restroom facilities and Wi-Fi. Additionally, guests can opt for lunch at the Société Nautique restaurant, conveniently situated just 200 meters away adjacent to the Yacht Club de Monaco.

Customers berthed at Cala del Forte can purchase three-day packages for €4,800, while those in Monaco can acquire them for €5,400.

Monaco's latest introduction of the floating grandstand is part of its ongoing efforts to boost revenue from the Grand Prix. It's anticipated that this standalone addition could generate over €2 million this year alone. To request tickets contact Monaco Ports Lounge

Photos courtesy of Ports de Monaco Communication


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