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Lights! Camera! Monaco!

Something that will certainly get locals talking is a new production that is set to tell the historic story of the Grimaldi family and Monaco itself.

Produced by the Casiraghi family themselves, and so far offering a hint of the series of films being slightly reflective of the widely watched series, “The Crown”, the Princely family of Monaco is now set to have its story told on screen and who better to do so than one of the family members? The series, which will be filmed in English, will be overseen by producer Dimitri Rassam, who is the husband of Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess Caroline’s youngest daughter.

The project, named “Monaco”, was announced at the 79th Cannes Film Festival, and is due to go into production in 2024.

Chapter 2 and Pathé, the production company, will join forces for this franchise of several films on the origins of the Grimaldi family, starting with the conquest of Monaco at the end of the 13th century. And Chapter 2, which is owned by Dimitri Rassam, will also work with Astrea Films, a Monegasque film production company run by Béatrice Borromeo, her husband Pierre Casiraghi, and her brother-in-law Andrea.

Speaking to the American film magazine Variety, Astrea Films said: “We were overwhelmed by the number of untold, intriguing, and epic stories that have been hidden in old documents and private correspondence over the centuries”.


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