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France Opens Doors to American Investors

France is attracting US investors through a new bilateral agreement.

In the past few months, Macron's Government has been in the process of initiating growth and employment boost with investor-friendly regulations.

Under the new agreement, US residents can enjoy a simplified application process and obtain a four-year carte de séjour residency card, enhancing accessibility for exploring investment opportunities in France.

Unlike similar programs in other European countries, acquiring property alone does not qualify for a long-stay visa. The eligibility criteria are designed for investors, encompassing those establishing a business, investing in one, or making a financial commitment to the country, without a specific investment threshold.

Starting November 16th, the application procedure for US residents is streamlined through the French online visa portal, specifically under the Talent Passport section.

Additionally, French investors in the US will now benefit from an extended four-year visa, a notable improvement from the previous 25-month option.


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