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Fight AIDS Monaco Cup 2024

Monaco is gearing up to host the fourth edition of the Fight Aids Cup, merging the worlds of football and philanthropy. The event, set to take place at the Louis II stadium, will showcase football stars uniting for a cause that transcends the boundaries of the game itself. The spirited face-off between the Barbagiuans and Cirque FC promises to be an exciting spectacle.

Guided by Louis Ducruet, the nephew of Prince Albert II and President of the philanthropic fundraising association 'Barbagiuans of Monaco,' the Fight Aids Cup has evolved into more than just a sporting competition. It has become a significant fundraising initiative for HIV/AIDS causes, breaking traditional sports barriers.

Louis Ducruet expressed pride in the event's growth, emphasizing its impact on hearts and lives. The event, serving as a stage for legends and leaders, aligns with the 50th anniversary of the Monte-Carlo International Circus Festival. It promises an entertaining night where football greats and the Princely Family join forces in a field battle.

Ducruet expressed the desire for this edition to be unforgettable, marking milestones and intensifying the fight against HIV. Princess Stéphanie, the driving force behind Fight Aids Monaco, emphasized that the Cup is more than just a game; it is a spotlight on their ongoing battle, a call to keep pushing forward.

The meticulously planned event includes the players' entrance alongside 'crazy clowns' and a mock kick-off by Prince Albert II and Princess Stéphanie. Renowned players like Robert Pires also contribute, with Pires stating that supporting Fight Aids Monaco aligns perfectly with his values.

Following the game, a gala at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo will sustain the charitable atmosphere. All event earnings, including ticket sales, will benefit Fight Aids Monaco. Princess Stephanie expressed gratitude to her son for this wonderful initiative.

Scheduled to begin at 5:30 pm, with the match kicking off at 6:30 pm on January 22nd at Stade Louis II, tickets for the match are priced at €10 and will be available at AS Monaco or directly at the Stadium.


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