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Falling into Autumn

Like a breath of fresh air, September and October bring almost a sense of renewal as we move

into the Autumn season.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still come and enjoy the region and here are just a few reasons


The sun is still constantly shining upon us, the beaches are less crowded leaving more room for

you to spread out and enjoy yourself while taking occasional dips into the clear, blue

Mediterranean Sea.

You no longer have to wait in line for your choice of the best restaurants and cafes to enjoy a

wide variety of delicious food from the region, along with being able to find the perfect spot for

all the people watching.

The nightclubs, as ever, continue to offer some of the best nights out, but how memorable it will

be is totally up to you.

It’s not too hot to go on adventurous hikes around the region, taking in the panoramic sea views

from the top of most any location while still being surrounded by lush greenery year-round.

And, what typically signals the end of yet another glorious summer season, the Monaco Yacht

Show takes place from September 28th until October 1st, 2022.

The upcoming Autumn season is definitely one of the best times to come discover the French

Riviera and Monaco.


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