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Experience The French Riviera Update

With the Coronavirus situation unfortunately still in full effect around the world and with France now being in its second restricted confinement, we thought we would take this opportunity to refresh everyone on what we are about and what is going on.

Experience The French Riviera started almost 10 years ago with a friend’s luxury villa rental in Grasse who wanted help marketing it to those going on vacation. To be brief, it went from one villa rental to them telling their friends, who told their friends about our efforts and before we knew it our business was in full operation. During this time, it only made sense that we would, as part of the shared economy, develop partnerships with locally known and trusted companies and individuals who could enhance a traveler's experience not only in the region but in the whole of France.

We started with private car services, villa stocking for food and beverages, various local tour groups and guides to now a plethora of options for such services as wedding and event planning, VIP tickets to events such as the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix, private luxury shopping, and charter jets to name only a few of our 50+ business partnerships while the list continues to grow.

In normal times, before Covid19, these many services were a big part of our daily work lives for clients visiting from around the world.

Now since the first lock down things have changed.

In early June when the virus numbers looked more manageable to the government of France and the borders started to slowly open along with more planes coming and going back into the country as the first lock down ended, immediately villa rentals were booking up, although more last minute this past season due to the ever-changing restriction rules.

We were able to accommodate clients with luxury villa rentals and work with various real estate transactions but overall, for everyone in business here while there was still a great number of options for clients, no one was allowed to offer them during a holiday or business trip due to Coronavirus risks.

Now with our second lock down situation that started November 1st. And at the start of the ski season, it’s been stated by the government that travel restrictions will be in place until at least December 1st. Fortunately though it is only the beginning of the ski season so hopefully things will change for the better and everyone will get to enjoy the various ski slopes in the French Alps this season.

So, what we are doing now?

If you have been following any of our social media, such as our Experience The French Riviera Instagram account. You will notice before Covid19 we were posting our tickets for VIP events, personal chauffeurs, private charter jet services intermixed with local scenic locations along with our villa rentals and properties on the market.

Of late though, since Springtime, and because of restrictions, we are still showcasing the beautiful natural surroundings of the Cote d’Azur and the rest of France, just intermingled now with our luxury villa and chalet rentals to at least inspire and keep that part of everyone’s travel dreams alive.

So that you are aware since we are being asked, we are holding off on posting our many other travel options we have in France for now to avoid confusion on what is and is not allowed during these odd Covid19 times.

You will also notice that real estate options are still being shown. Thanks to technology, we can still do virtual tours while also producing as much information as possible about a property you may find interesting.

We realize people can’t travel at the moment but feel fortunate that we still have clients who are planning ahead for the future and are seeking a number of property options for sale. We are obsessed with real estate and all that it encompasses so it's very second nature for us to promote that world.

During this time, we are still in contact with our current and new business partners for our clientele base for once things are safe for everyone.

We feel it’s important to be as supportive of each other as possible, especially with those whose businesses have been hit hard. This situation has also given us time to brainstorm and transform with other companies and individuals to learn from the past and what we can do to provide better services for a client’s next trip, keeping them in mind first and foremost.

Of late we have been noticing a new trend in travel options coming up. Since people are getting tired of confinement they are trying to plan far ahead and for more extended (because of changing restrictions) stays in the French Riviera and other parts of France for their next vacation.

Summer 2021 is already feeling positive to many. We’ve started getting requests for villa rentals but this time either in a completely private, retreat style option to recharge and relax or people are also looking for places that are close to the beach, shops and restaurants but still very close to the rental property. Basically, a villa that has everything one would require within a small radius out of safety concerns and just in case a new restriction is implemented during their stay then they won’t really have to go without.

It’s been surprising but always fascinating to watch how us humans evolve to such a strange situation and we are certainly a part of it with you. So, if you have an idea in mind for your next trip to France, let’s work together and see what we can do to make it most memorable.

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