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Christmas Time in France

We often get asked what the Christmas season is like in France.

Especially from those seeking to spend their holidays here bringing with them family and friends while perhaps coming from another country, sometimes it’s simply for the one time experience while staying in one of our villa or chalet rentals but it can also end up becoming a new welcome tradition.

Christmas time in France can vary slightly from region to region. It all depends on what you want to see and do. For those with a religious preference, most of the local churches in each area hold many spiritual hymn nights and masses.

For friends and family into sports activities, many people head to the French Alps and the ski resorts which are filled with snow, bright, colorful lights and non-stop action both day and night celebrating the winter season not only on the local mountains skiing and snowboarding but also at the restaurants, bars and nightclubs as this is the prime time of year to hit the slopes.

In most places such as Nice, Saint Tropez, Bordeaux and Lyon to name a few, the centres are filled with events to take part in and Christmas markets each selling their own local traditional gifts and food next to colorful outdoor skating rinks and carnival like rides such as massive Ferris wheels to enjoy and overlook the city lights while hearing music playing in the background adding to the festive atmosphere.

The Principality of Monaco also has a yearly tradition of food markets, games and rides for both children and adults right at the port for everyone to enjoy.

One thing not to miss of course is the food in France. This is the time of year you will be able to find and taste the most exquisite regional delicacies imaginable with each part of France offering its own twist on a local traditional food. Fine wines also come into play and are robust with flavor and subtle scents.

The trend this year from what we see seems to be a focus on less consumerism, which is quite refreshing and brings one back to spending time with others cultivating memories and time for real reflection and gratitude.

This is one of the best times to travel to France to observe and learn about traditional values through a multicultural mix of ethnic backgrounds for one to experience and understand.

Our work efforts never seem to stop, so if you have any questions about what to expect in France this winter season or would even be interested in renting a villa, apartment or chalet for your holidays, feel free to connect with us.

All the best this Christmas Season and have a wonderful New Year everyone!


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