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Big Win for Monaco!

Monaco maintains its esteemed reputation as an extraordinary destination, securing the second position for the best place to visit in Europe in 2024, as per Best Destinations in Europe.

Over one million individuals from 172 nations participated in the voting for their preferred destinations on Best Destinations in Europe, an independent travel platform renowned for tracking travel trends since 2009.

As stated on the website, "Monaco offers a truly unique experience, unparalleled elsewhere. The Principality of Monaco stands out as an incomparable destination." This echoes the current slogan of the Monaco Tourism Board.

Marbella, Spain, clinched the top spot, leaving Monaco in second place. Following closely is Malta in third, Geneva, Switzerland, and Batumi, Adjara Region, Georgia, completing the top five.

These selections are based on criteria such as quality of life, sustainable development, year-round cultural offerings, increasing popularity on social media platforms, and international recognition for initiatives like smart tourism and the European Union Green Capital. The top 20 destinations will receive promotion throughout the year and have earned the prestigious title of 'European Best Destination 2024'.


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