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A Fresh Update to the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco

If you know the Principality of Monaco, you know it’s an ever-changing place.

With the expansion onto the sea of the new eco-district of Mareterra, currently, under

construction by the Monegasque government, it’s fitting that the Grimaldi Forum also be

updated for the future ahead.

Twenty-five years after the initial completion of the Grimaldi Forum, in 2025 a new unveiling of a

vast extension, boosting exhibition capacity by an impressive 50% will be ready for everyone to


The new site, created as part of the land reclamation project, will add an extra 6,000 m2 to the

current 35,000 m2 space.

It will consist of three zones: the Diaghilev Gallery, the Carré and Patio Rooms, and the Pinède

Hall – the largest of the three spaces. Each will offer plenty of surface area to accommodate

exhibition stands and meeting rooms, as well as catering.

In making the most of the Principality’s exceptional location and its 300 days of sunshine per

year, 2,000 m2 of outdoor space will also be created, including the new Indigo terrace, the

Emeraude Forecourt, the Patio, the Ravel terrace with a view of the open sea, and the covered


This new six-hectare extension of the Principality will offer housing, a car park, shops,

restaurants, a pine trees forest, and a marina. All adhering to very strict environmental

requirements as it is part of the Principality’s objective to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

In total, there will be 1,500 solar panels installed on the Grimaldi Forum’s roof supplying energy

to the surrounding buildings and this new district.

With the recent renovations of the nearby Larvotto beach, containing its new shops and

restaurants, the update to the Grimaldi Forum is an additional asset that will enable congress

participants to enjoy all that Monaco has to offer close to the congress centre.

The expansion will allow the Grimaldi Forum to build upon its current ability to host an average

of 100 events and 250,000 visitors per year and will also enable more events to be held

simultaneously. Photo credits: Grimaldi-Forum Monaco


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