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Property Evolution

Change is the only constant in life – Heraclitus Every season in the French Riviera seems to bring a new evolution for travelers with how they decide the kind of stay they want in this part of France and frankly, we are all for it as it keeps everything fresh and exciting. We are proud to have garnered a reputation as being a strong promoter of the shared local economy philosophy in order for other companies to also flourish long term for the future, and with being in business now for almost 9 years the idea seems to be working.

That’s why when we first heard about Sea Sun Rentals; we just had to find out more from what we saw offered online as it is exactly the niche of what our clientele base is also seeking for vacation or business trip to the region.

During this past August, the owner of Sea Sun Rentals, Susanne Berch and I got together to discuss forming a business partnership. We found we both have so much in common when it comes to our passion for properties and like-minded thinking when it comes to the benefits of our longstanding clientele bases. Susanne is a Swedish aristocrat with a model and acting background also with a university education of art and economics who has been in the rental business for 19 years having built up an amazing clientele list. She is also a mother of two teenage boys and resides in Monaco.

Having been a top agent in Sweden, Susanne felt it was time for a change and has made the Cote d’Azur and Monaco her new home. Over this time she has built a discerning market that continues to grow and each one of her properties seems as unique as herself. Her portfolio is as diverse as ours in how each property comes with their own characteristics, services and able to suit any number of requirements and budget ranges.

Susanne feels it is a privilege to be have available the exact rental property in her portfolio a client may be looking for whether it is for a short getaway, business trip, honeymoon or a full on vacation.

From the moment we met, we formed a strong friendship and with our energies blending so well we have been in contact on a daily basis as we are constantly figuring out ways to reach out and make things even better for our guests, as it’s the memories one takes away that really matter.

Our goal is for everyone to enjoy and explore this fascinating part of France from the moment they arrive.

By combining our property portfolios means an even stronger selection of quality homes on hand for you to choose from for your next visit. Please feel free to connect with us for your next visit. Booking: Booking:

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