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Benefits of Early Travel Booking

Everyone is looking for something different when it comes to their vacation experiences. Some people want a place to hold a week long corporate event, others want to explore new surroundings and many are looking for a private retreat to relax and recharge in the French Riviera. Booking your holidays early has many benefits to making all the plans you work hard for come true.

Typically we have clients that reserve a villa easily 6 months to a year ahead (sometimes even two years in advance); especially if they have a family or it is a group of travelers. We also have clients that have had such an enjoyable villa rental experience that they book a year ahead for the same property before they even finish their current stay.

One big reason to book early, the cost of your stay, when you reserve your villa early it leaves more time for negotiation on the price for your benefit. We love negotiating on behalf of the client, having been in business for almost 8 years, we are not commission hungry and the owners of the properties we have contracts with know that we are flexible as well. It’s all about client care first and foremost.

We have built the reputation for ourselves of being fair, honest and on top of everything required for both the client and owner. We are always looking ahead and want to build a real relationship with you as our past clientele can attest to along with all of our property owners and business partners.

By booking early we can also provide the utmost in beneficial extras (those little things matter) to add to the overall experience of your stay, it also gives you the prime opportunity to implement additional services to expand upon your vacation such as a chef, butler, private car service…whatever you would like that is not already included. This year, we have seen a dramatic spike in bookings for not only the current winter ski chalet season, but also already in summer villa bookings. Meaning the more places get booked up for a week, two weeks or even a month long stay…the less property options become available across the board for all property rental companies.

Less property stock means prices can sometimes increase due to demand. It is also not unusual during the height of the season for us to get calls or emails at all times of the day and night from people seeking a last minute property rental for themselves or family and friends arriving last minute. We are used to this as part of the nature of the business and rise to the occasion. What can be tricky to work with is if the options available in the area are low, that sometimes means a client may have to lessen the requirements in what they are looking for, as an example; only a four bedroom villa is available when they really wanted a five bedroom property. This can also mean in a last minute rush, a property owner will have higher prices due to not only demand but the amount of last minute preparations such as staffing requirements or villa stocking for the entire stay.

We don’t think anyone should have to pay more to get less, that is why beyond our own expansive property rental portfolio, we also have a number of legally set up partnerships with other similar property businesses as part of a community we can reach out to so that you may have the best options at an ideal price to fit your budget. Overall though, reserving a property early gives you the peace of mind that the time you get to enjoy yourself for your holiday is all taken care of, along with any other beneficial services we can provide so that you have the most memorable time. Connect with us for all your inquiries:

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