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The Rise Of Wellness Tourism

With life moving seemingly faster these days and people experiencing burnout on the increase, it comes as no surprise that there has been a rise in the wellness tourism market. Going beyond yoga and writing retreats, unique and specific villa rentals have come to the forefront when it comes to an all-encompassing experience of self-care and wellness. New numbers from the Global Health and Wellness Tourism market have shown from their 2018 report that wellness tourism is growing at 12% annually.

The rise in this market has come as no surprise to us at all. In the past two years we have seen a dramatic increase in requests from various clients and companies seeking a villa rental for a week or two of wellness stays. Many of these clients and companies are flying in from all parts of the world and are looking for a special property that will appeal to their holistic approach to wellness. Somewhere private, quiet, calm, surrounded by as much nature as possible where an individual can go to reflect, relax and recharge.

One of the main reasons we love the French Riviera in France is because of its work/life balance which seems to be unmatched anywhere. This is also what we are told by those seeking to come here as they want to be near the clear blue Mediterranean Sea lapping at any number of beaches up and down the coastline with glorious landscapes of different hues with the most unbelievable mountain vistas around. If you truly wanted to get away from it all, the Cote d’Azur is the place to be.

Keeping up to date with what is happening globally is something that comes naturally to us. With Wellness tourism being largely driven by Generation X and Millennials, we have found that not only are clients coming to gain a stronger sense of their well-being, they are also eco-friendly and value more of what kind of experience they will have for themselves, something they can learn and grow from which is pleasing to hear as our purpose from day one has been about the lifetime experience. With that in mind, we have been working directly with owners and businesses to help provide an environment in which a wellness retreat can easily take place.

We have been fortunate over the almost past 8 years of business to build long standing relationships with villa owners who know that in order to get the most out of their property they will have to change with the times. With almost 200 villa rentals in our regional portfolio, we have a selected number of properties that are exceptional and completely beneficial for a wellness retreat. Connect with us to find out more:

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