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The Monaco Open-Air Cinema

If you want to make some special memories this summer, head to the Monaco Open-Air Cinema located at one of the most stunning locations around. On the edge of Le Rocher (The Rock) at Monaco next to the magnificent Oceanography Museum, set it the park next door you will not be able to miss the outdoor cinema.

Whether you are single, with a loved one or hanging out with a group of friends, the cinema will give you all kinds of relaxing vibes, this is your chance to sit under the stars, take in a film, enjoy a snack and drink with the gentle breeze of the sea air behind your back.

With the slight sounds of the Mediterranean Sea lapping against the shore, here the movie of the night doesn’t start until just after 10pm when the sun is down so don’t expect to leave until midnight but certainly enjoy the surroundings.

The movies featured are up-to-date with a classic film or two thrown in occasionally; the ones played at the venure are the English version with French subtitles on a giant screen of 200 m2.

Costs various depending on what kind of seating you would like, but overall it is really no more than what you would pay at an indoor theater, except this outdoor experience cannot be measured.

All the seats in the cinema do seem to give you a prime viewing location no matter where you sit and every few seats get their own table to hold your variety of refreshments that can be bought near the ticket counter. Even though the cinema can hold up to 500 guests, it still feels intimate.

Movies can be seen here all summer into September and it makes for a unique evening out.

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