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Lifestyle Management Solutions

It’s not every day we form a new business partnership at Experience The French Riviera.

Quite frequently we will be contacted by a company or individuals from every professional background imaginable, we love meeting and connecting with new people so it’s always interesting and never an issue.

When it comes to our client’s requirements though, we take those needs very seriously and are very thorough in whom we combine resources with and we expect the same in return.

For a vacation, event, corporate trip or even in the long term in the French Riviera, frequently our clients have busy schedules and will require extra assistance for their journey as they will find there is so much more here they want to experience in this part of the world than they perhaps had initially planned. So the client then may need and extra pair of hands when it comes to a nanny, personal assistant, chef, butler…what have you.

That is why we were happy about meeting Susie from 14fiftyseven. Immediately we were struck by how much we had in common when it came to our thoughts about detailed, personalized attention for clients and that nowadays people have more proven natural abilities that can’t always be so quickly defined.

A position required by a client may need more specialized attention than even they think is possible that is why finding the ideal fit for both parties is essential.

When Susie mentioned the words “Lifestyle Manager”, we knew we were both on the right path.

People with these skills are more adaptive in their abilities and can combine services and in the long term are happier in their employment because every day can then be different from a usual routine which means for an employer a more trusted and valuable employee who both just want the best outcome in duties possible.

We are only just touching upon what a Lifestyle Manager can truly offer here.

If a client comes to us with specific staffing needs, we feel confident in the capabilities of our partners at 14fiftyseven. Not only are strict background checks done for the benefit of everyone but so are personal dynamics between parties. It’s about being the right fit, mutual respect and in sync.

When life is too busy, hire the key staff you require to compliment your lifestyle.

The people from 14fiftyseven make sure everyone is happy in their work and personal environment.

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