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Luxury Group Travel in France

Before first time visitors arrive to the French Riviera for a holiday, we will sometimes be told that when they think of the area what comes to mind is a jet set crowd, glamorous events, magnificent villas on gorgeous estates, tons of beaches where one can go swimming in the clear blue Mediterranean sea with numerous extravagant yachts floating nearby.

We know that was our initial thoughts as well before settling in the region and to a large extent especially during the summer months it can be true, even just going for a seaside walk at sunset one can’t help but pause to take in the combination of the social scene gearing up for an evening out surrounded by both architectural history and nature.

So it has come as no surprise to us that over the years we have seen an increase in the number of group travelers coming together wanting to Experience The French Riviera. And why not? This stunning part of the world deserves to be discovered by everyone around the globe and truth be told, it’s not only for the rich and famous.

With us, what people tend to be looking for is the whole luxurious feeling of the region and that includes a stay at one of our 245 plus villa rentals in France, plus yacht charters, and tickets to various events such as the Cannes Film Festival and Monaco Grand Prix along with an ever growing list of other possibilities available.

Instead of wishing to live the life as seen on TV and magazines, now as a group of friends, various family members or even business colleagues looking for a retreat are finding it more economical to get what they want out of a holiday by traveling together as one to experience how the other half live. We don’t see this as a growing trend in the luxury market anymore, but more so a smart way of taking advantage of what is available in the travel industry.

This is the time to get everyone you think may be interested together to leverage the opportunity and connect with us to enjoy the best the French Riviera has to offer as there are few better ways to make memories of a lifetime.

Right now is also one of the prime windows of the year for options on villa rentals, charter yachts and at the most competitive prices before the summer season heats up and stock starts to get low.

As always, we will work on your behalf to find exactly what you require for your vacation or business trip, we are extremely well connected in the region as part of a shared economy and love the thrill of the hunt.

Make the summer of 2018 your best ever!

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