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What are your plans for the year ahead? With day to day living expanding and moving so fast these days, one of the million reasons we love the beautiful French Riviera is because of the ideal life and work balance. Yes we work hard on a daily basis but it is out of a love and passion for our clients and surroundings which also enables us to easily unwind and find new inspiration.

This is also one of the ways we would love to help you Experience The French Riviera in 2018! Not only is our business expanding in a myriad of avenues with exciting new projects underway for the year ahead for the benefit of the people we connect with, we want you to see for yourself what makes this part of the world so special. Whatever you desire for your stay, we can make happen not only with our own extensive resources but with our belief in a shared economy through our local business partnerships with proven, trusted individuals who have a longstanding history in the area. We want you to discover the Cote d’Azur off the usual tourist track. We want you to feel what it is really like to be a part of the various communities up and down the coastline so that you can always carry that special piece of France with you in your heart. If you feel it is time for you on your own or with life with loved ones to spend some time away in one of our almost 200 villa rentals throughout the region, we can find exactly what you are looking for, we love the thrill of the hunt and we will find the exact property to make your holiday dreams come true. Whether it is a place of solitude as part of a wellness trip to relax and recharge or a place to help you explore your current life further to see what you are made of through networking with the truly international audience around you, we will have the ideal home for you to enjoy. And that’s not all, as a gentle reminder we can provide you with a personal driver, distinctive tours, tickets to every event imaginable, private charter jet and helicopter transfers, security detail, yacht charters, introductions to our luxury business partners and start up investments, personal assistants, chefs… the list goes on and on, just name it!

Make 2018 the year for you.

The year you replenish yourself for the good of your well-being.

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