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Privacy Matters

In a world filled with all types of social media, we fully recognize the temptation is there to broadcast who is doing what and when, not only on a personal level but also on a business level. This is one thing that we feel as a team separates us from many other companies in similar fields of work, you will never see us at Experience The French Riviera expose a client’s privacy in any way. Not for a sense of recognition, bragging rights or to try and garner more business. It’s just not in our business DNA to behave in such a way, along with the fact that we routinely see other companies doing this blatantly by exposing as much as possible about a client or in an attempt to present a luxury type lifestyle that they claim they can provide.

Don’t get us wrong, we love showcasing the French Riviera and beyond through various inspirational location photos, yachts and properties you can enjoy on your vacation or corporate trip through our social media network, but unless it is a personal photo of ours as a team with the permission to share, you will not see or read about our clients and what they do in their own private time in this beautiful part of the world.

In fact, at a recent International Luxury Travel Market (ILTM) conference, it was noted that 83% of global luxury travelers believe that privacy has never been more important that it is today.

It’s about respect, and we feel an individual’s privacy to enjoy life as they please is becoming more and more precious these days. Quite frequently we are asked by business associates, friends and family, have you ever had any celebrity clients or big corporations rent villas or yachts from you? The answer is yes and we leave it at that. If we are being approached by a new or returning client or business, we want to offer them the ultimate service possible from the beginning and for us that means respecting their plans.

With every part of life seemingly being exposed these days, we want clients to feel they are in a safe environment so they can overall relax and recharge while experiencing the best we have to offer. We regularly get recommended on the privacy factor and that tells us we must be doing something right. With villa rentals being a large extent of our business, although we have to show what properties we have available to the public we can adhere to the property owners right to not offer up the exact address location to the outside world no matter how secure the environment in which it is in.

Our clients like this as well when discussing what they require for their stay because then we can pinpoint a variety of options available to suit their needs and they know their time on a property will be protected.

Naturally people that do live in the Cote d’Azur (and where ever else we might have a listing) may be able to recognize a home but they might not have the access to details that we have about a property in terms of security, etc. We also like knowing we have been trusted with a handful of exclusive off market properties by owners available in our portfolio.

All of this comes down to who you associate yourself with, the region has a comparatively small business community…word and reputation can get out quickly.

Our team at Experience The French Riviera first came together as friends with a love and passion for the region and we want people to see life here off the regular tourist track. We are close, trusted and reliable people who communicate well with each other, this is another reason we feel why we get so many repeat clients, many of whom we have become great friends.

Secondly, we have personally known our business partners for a number of years as well and their proven track record. We all tend to be very good friends and when we work as one, they also respect a client’s right to privacy, even in a shared economy. Together as a strong team we have no qualms about signing non-disclosure agreements and providing the optimal services possible when it comes to individuals or corporate interests. At Experience The French Riviera, your privacy is safe with us.

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